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aboutAbout EREM2017

Symposia EREM have been held for almost two decades; the first took place in Albi (France) in 1997, followed by subsequent editions spread around the world, i.e. Lyngby, Denmark (1999), Karlsruhe, Germany (2001), Mol, Belgium (2003), Ferrara, Italy (2005), Vigo, Spain (2007), Seoul, South Korea (2008), Lisbon, Portugal (2009), Kaohsiung, Taiwan (2010), Utrecht, The Netherlands (2011), Sapporo, Japan (2012), Boston, USA (2013), Málaga, Spain (2014), and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (2016). All attracted a large diverse audience representing engineering and scientific communities and were very successful in bringing the cutting edge developments in electrokinetics to the fore. We expect to achieve the same success with this edition of EREM 2017, which will be held for the first time in Canada, in Montreal.

EREM2017 will be organized by the Department of Building Civil and Environmental Engineering (BCEE) at Concordia University. BCEE emerged as the leader among its peers in Canada and the only such program in the country in the global top 50; it placed 20th in the world. The scope of the Department’s program spans structures, bridge engineering, earthquake engineering, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, building engineering, water resources and environmental engineering. It has advanced labs, which conduct research on electrokinetics for over 25 years.

Welcome to Concordia University! Welcome to Montreal!

Maria Elektorowicz, PhD, FCSCE, ing.

scientific committee

  • Maria Elektorowicz (Concordia University, Canada) Chair of the Scientific Committee
  • Akram Alshawabkeh (Northeastern University, USA)
  • Kitae Baek (Chonbuk National University, South Korea)
  • Patrick Drogui, (University of Quebec, Canada)
  • P.G. Gustav Loch, (The University of Utrecht, The Nederlands)
  • Jan Oleszkiewicz, (University of Manitoba, Canada)
  • Lisabeth Ottosen, (DTU, Denmark)
  • Sibel Pamukcu, (Lehigh University, USA)
  • Krishna Reddy (Illinois State University, USA)
  • Alexandra B. Ribeiro (New University of Lisbon, Portugal)

organizing committee

  • Maria Elektorowicz - Chair of the Organizing Committee
  • Esmaeel Kariminezhad – Technical Chair of the Conference
  • Shareef Ibeid
  • Adam Abdelmajeed
  • Sasan Fazeli
  • Arash Fellah Jahromi
  • Jiaru Luo
  • Nazanin Motevali
  • Vahid Mohseni
  • Lazar Louis Stevanovic
  • Setareh Taslimi Taleghani

Conference related topics

  1. Electrokinetic application to:
    1. remediation of soils, sediments and other materials
    2. recovery of metals, organic compounds, phosphorous, etc.
    3. water, wastewater, and sludge treatment
    4. industrial production processes (agriculture, food industry, mining, etc.)
    5. medical sciences
  2. Fundamental aspects of electrokinetics
  3. Modelling, simulations, and optimization of electrokinetic techniques
  4. Electrokinetic combined techniques (Electro-Fenton, Bioelectro, etc)
  5. New emergent techniques in the domain of electrokinetics
  6. Other electrokinetics related topics

Abstract submission

An abstract of 700 (max) words should be sent to the following e-address: by January 5, 2017.


The symposium will be held at Concordia University, in the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science building from August 6 to August 8 2017.


1515 Ste.Catherine West Street
Montreal, Quebec H3H 2L5

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